This was a one-man show literally. I had never seen one to this point and I was not really disappointed in the play. One of the biggest draw backs, in Hollywood style, they basterdized Charles Dickens writing style in the play. This may sound like a strong statement negatively, but in reality it was not as bad as what Hollywood does to things. The points that differentiate a Dickens play from any otehr is that it is not as concerned about the ending but rather more so the evolution of the character. For the most part, this play built to the ending rather than the character evolution itself.

While the actor (whose name I cannot remember at this point with the exception of Jim L) did a great job, it was not as Dickensian as what would have derived from the original writer. It was an entertaining story, it definitively was not a Dickensian story line. To say it simply, it was much more sunshiny than what Charles Dickens would have wrote in the middle of the story.

The play left me not wanting more but was satisfactory when it ended.


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