This was a wonderfully contrite play indeed. The play was cut down from its original format to a much shorter version lasting an hour and a half. It was not that they cut any major parts of the play, as I have seen the play about 6 times acted, on tv about 10+ times and have read the play many more times, the cut out non-essential parts and really made it quite brilliant with musical portions leading from spot to spot. It was quite brilliantly done to say the least.

The unfortunate thing about the environment is that the queen of the sea cows sat next to me and generously took up half my seat also. It really made things comfortable for me. I really enjoyed leaning oblongly over the right side-arm of my seat to give the sea cow more room to "hoof". I will say this now, it is her fault for being so fucking large but more so, instead of being conscious of it and doing something to advert someone else from having to suffer through her largeness, she instead took the cheap way out and made someone else suffer. This sea cow could have bought another seat and alleviated it issue but she did not. She could have just apologized for being so large that the slightest movement from her elbowed me in the ribe even though I was STRAINFULLY trying to give her as much of my seat as possible. She could have forced her ass out of that seat with some kind of rapidity and let me get out but she continually chose not to. I have not even mentioned the fact that her fat ass showed up 20-30 minutes late to the play and they (the Guthrie) generously let her in.

Instead of anything what I was subjected to is her over-flowing into half of my seat and then elbowing me into the ribs repeatedly as she jostled in her seat. This made me exceptionally uncomfortable to say the least. This took me from reallly enjoying the play to having a constant distraction.

I understand the fact that you are larger, right now I am large but I put a conscious effort not to let my largeness affect anyone else. I am consciously aware of the fact and will do anything not to let my size, even though it is not that big, effect anyone else. The fact that I understand does not excuse it. I have been larger than I am right now and I have figured out a way to lose it and I will again lose this weight. Using a bull-shit excuse like it is glandular or hereditary or something like that is just saying that you do not want to get up off your ass and lose the weight and putting someone else in the position that I was means that you do not care about the position you put others in by your size. You are as selfish of a person as anyone who is ultra-fit and just shows it off but the differing point being that you just put someone in an awekward sitaution differently. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF AND HOW YOU AFFECT OTHER!

...but seriously, the play was great!




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