This was an absolutely remarkable production. I usually dislike musicals emensely but this one was an absolute exception. It had elements of music, film and the actual play itself. It was a series of very short encounters between the actors that just rolled through. It was really A Brief Encounter.

The two main characters were both cheating on their significant others. Usually I do not like love stories either but this one was just so good that I could not help but to get caught up. The unfortunate thing was that by the end of the play, my ass was so soar from sitting on the seat that I got very antsy and uncomfortable.

There was a sting band quartet with two female leads that supplied the musical portion of the play. It was a ukelali, a snare drum, a cello and various other instruments as needed. The singers, which 4 of them actually sang, were as talented as any I have heard. The music was so timely and necessary to drive the mood of the play.

Since I typically go to such dark plays, it is nice to get to a more light hearted play once and a while. It gets a little too much when I go to too many of the darker mooded plays in a row. Sometimes I think that it can actually affect my mood because after they are over, I typically think about them for a while to get the most out of the play.

It was a brief fling of from my count lasted about 4 weeks to 4 months that grew, nurtured and died as equally as any I have seen. I cannot say enough about the production of the play. I could not believe it the more and more people I heard speak so highly of the play. The last several plays I have been to, I have heard several people speak highly of the play. I had to go see it and if you missed it, you missed something great. When you walk away from something saying you just saw one of the best things you will ever see, you know you were at something great!



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