While the Theater in the Round is only a regional theater and relatively low budget, it is interesting to see how they use it to present a play. This was very interesting. Instead of spending a large amount on good seats or costumes, they tend to put it somewhere at which I do not know. This was a very good performance though. The actors were very good for the most part and always difficult, they got a very young actor to play one of the daughters of Oepidus. Antigone was probably the best actress on the set.

This is the story of a father that decides to defy the Gods and do as he wished and as a result is causted by the Gods for his efforts. The king is Creon. Oepidus' daughter, Antigone is only looking to bury her brother Polynikes. Creon has determined that Polynikes is not to be buried defying the Gods. As a result, he loses his wife, son and son's fiancee Antigone. This was an exceptional look at what to do, right or wrong...all you have to do is face the consequences of your actions and this is what confronts Creon.



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