This was an exceptionally written play that deserved every bit of the pulitzer that it won. The emotional depths it approached was kind of a little mind blowing at times. Some of the scenes were incredibly powerful and emotional to the point of near destruction.

I really cannot thank the person that tipped this one off to me enough. This was easily one of the better plays I have attended.

I guess I have not had adequate time to really digest this play. At many points there were so many kind of concurrent themes working that I am having a harder time getting underneath or into the intent. This play was very complex to say the least. This play really dealt in the grey areas of life and exposed each character for their flaws and how each of them drove what mattered most away or lost what mattered most. There was one "holistic" character which was an Indian girl the family hired and she was the only honest and pure of the fucked up mess presented.

Each character in the play was presented as strong in one way or another and each of them had that strength taken away from them and you saw what was left over afterwords. One of the overriding themes, at least to me, seemed to be what if the most important thing to you were taken away, how would you react and how would you deal with it. Most of the characters failed in the grasping of it and dealing with it and that is what made everything so tragic. One of the daughters lost her family, or at least her husband and she fell to pieces as a result. Another sister found out that her lover was her brother by an affair and she ran away as a result. The third sister found out her fiancee was a pervert and she coped by denying it and pushing the blame onto another. The mother lost her husband to suicide due to her behavior and dealt with it by driving away her entire family.

The females were the subjects of the play while the males were the antangonists. The plays revolved around the females and how they reacted to everything that happened in their life. Of course it was written by a female so it would make sense that it was done from a females perspective.

There were some really gripping soliloques that really drove a knife into one's heart. The mom's were the most cryptic but important to the insanity that was about to ensue.

I am a little tired right now but may revisit this posting later on to futher hash this out.



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