Wow, Rabbit Hole was an unbelievably powerful play. I was absolutely taken aback by how that play developed. For the most part I could readily see how things were going to go about during this play and two scenes absolutely choked me up. Again, I did not cry but damn the emotions were pouring off the stage and it was hard to take.

The most powerful scene was when the high school student sat down with the mom to confess what he believed to be his fault in the killing of the kid. Each character held their own blame over the situation and each manifested the guilt in different ways.

The father was very stoic as well as the wife...the wife was more obliquely emotional while the father was more acutely emotional. The high school student was an emotional wreck. The sister and mother worked nicely to break the tension of this play.

The plight of the characters was absolutely amazing. The loss of a child has to be a very difficult thing and seeing the developement of the characters through this play presented and huge insight into what one might go through and how differently people adapt and cope with their situations.

Their were very typified roles in this drama but that was way outweighed by the amount of emotional depth in the play. It is an unbelievable play and definitely worth seeing.

The Jungle Theater should get cudos for this performance. It is a great atmosphere and very comforting seeing a play there and the plays are always great!




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