This is an fyi to those fans of x-box and that shitty company in Redmond. You have to understand that Micro-shit only cares about you in that how much money they can pry out of your hands whether you want to give it or they have to pay off the shills in congress to change legislation in their favor. They wield their monopoly power like a hammer crushing those who unfortunately do business with them.

Their new idea is that either they are not making anough money off of royalties from the games or feel that the fat software companies are not making enough money. So let us review some of their past efforts to rip-off the public...

When the revered xbox 360 was released, it was so faulty that between 25 and 50% failed within the first months of usage and then to show "remorse" for their shitty product, the made it exceptionally difficult forcing you to send yours in and wait at least 4 weeks them to send on in return.

Whan asked about using the losing formatting on their new system, whose name I cannot remmeber off-hand and do not care to take a look to figure out. When asked of why, they said they felt it the best format (not bad) but when asked about the effects on the consumer, response "Who cares!".

Classless company in the least. So here we go on a new one, on the new xbox, the strong rumor is that micro-shit is going to block the systems from being able to play used or rented games. I am not quite sure how they are going to manage this and keep in mind, it is a rumor, but it is believable showing what kind of impact this company has had on their consumers. They are undoubtedly doing this for two reason... they are trying to prevent companies like game-fly from being an on-going concern and they also feel they are not making enough money off of their consumers the way it is.

I strongly believe that micro-shit does not care or even give a thought to the people buying their shit. The only thing they care about is their bottom line and how they cna tighten their grip on the throats of the consumers to wrestle more money out of them. This is the way they do business. Micro-shit believes that your money is theirs first and they do not care how they get it from you only that they get it from you. I firmly believe that if they could charge you for a game and then charge you per play also they would and would not block their systems from playing used games.

This is one of a litany of reasons that I will never voluntarily give those fucks a cent of my money!


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