Well, tomorrow I may be betrothed. I went out today and bought a significant item in order to facilitate this and tomorrow I find out if it is for real.

That is right, tomorrow I am going to buy a kayak. I fell in love with the idea of it because it fits my personality so well. I tried it several times and decided, this is one thing that I really love. I began the watch for kayaks nearly 9 months ago and have been diligently watching for a good price. I decided that if I could not find a used one for a very good price that I was going to buy one at Midwest Mountainering's annual auction.

I watched closely ever venue I could until finally the other day I found an okay price that I feel I can make excellent. I bought the car rack to carry the kayak and am now ready to view and hopefully pick it up...I even cleared out a space in my bed for it (wink). I tried many a kayak and fell in love with the Dagger Axis kayak and am now poised to fulfill my dreams.

Now all I need is a pirates hat, an eye patch and a peg leg!

Oh yeah, and there is also my strong fear of water...

update... well, after driving down to Mankato to see the kayak the guy who said he knows all about kayaks clearly knew nothing because I asked him specifically if it was the one I was looking for and it was not. Not only that, he was trying to sell a MSRP $500 kayak that was ~5 years old and beat to shit for $500. I guess it is back to dreaming for me!


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