Okay, to set it up, it was 90 something today and the dew point had to have been in the 70's so it was a cooker out there. I was dying to visit biking trails at Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve. I must say that the Three Rivers Park District and on the whole, the Minnesota DNR are doing an awesome job on the new trails they are installing.

The park is in Savage, MN. It is short but has some of the most difficult trails I have seen...not to mention the constant up and down it is an absurd aerobic work out. So I arrive and get my bike ready for what it is about to receive and I could just feel the smile on her face. She had been begging for me to abuse her for a while now and I need to abuse my body a little bit. About two years ago I caused Plantar Fascitis in my ankle. While not the most severe, because of the pain involved it kept me from the excercise I love so for about two years while it healed. Most days just walking would cause an intense pain and the rehad lasted for a six of those months.

I am working myself back into shape and right now because of my "bad habits", that is an fairly sizable task but not unmanagable. Okay so I start out and the easy trials were just lame...constants turns... whatever...but that is what they are meant to be. I got to the intermediate and that was more fun. I did probably 90% of the obsticles and then I got to the hard trails and it killed me. I probably only did about 20% of the obsticles since this is realistically my first time aggresively mountain biking in a few years but man were some of those wicked. It was constant up and down and I did not realize but the trail just went around the same hill over and over and in very inventive ways.

Of the 10 total miles of the course, I proabably rode about 8 or so. My haunches were killing me from the intense bursts of speed I needed to complete some of the hills and dales. What as ass-kicking I took on that course...it was great.

On easy side of the course I did not sweat, I started on the intermediate course and by the time I was half of the way around the difficult (6.9 miles) I was pouring sweat at a level I do not ever remember ...I cannot tell you how much fun that was and how good it, for the most part, felt. When I was over half the way is when it started to cost me...that is fine though, I needed that ass-kicking to show me where I need to go. When I was done I could not believe how exhausted I was...I could have rode more but I needed time to let my legs recover from the brutality, but more so I needed gatorade and water!

Oh and I forgot to mention that one of the reasons that it was harder for me to ride was the rear cassette and chain on my bike were bad so it kept jumping on me making it very hard to ride.


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