I frequently tell this joke, I say boy I would like to run for office but I am not stupid enough to be a democrat nor am I racist enough to be a republican. Well, I now have to amend that to I am not racist enough to be a republican nor am I a pedophile so I cannot be a republican.

Dipshit Don (or Commrade Trumpski) has really brought what once was a somewhat revered position into a piece of shit position with embarassments serving as! And now that we are in the toilet, he keeps pulling us down furher to the point that the republican national party is supporting a person who credibly molested teens, was known for chasing teenage skirts in a mall to the point he had to be kicked out and was known "around the office" as a pedophile and why, so they can force their bullshit down our throats and because the president is a guileless coward and the congressional republicans are spineless cowards!

Further, as if Roy S. Moore was not a dispicable enough character, the fucking pedophile is using his charity for whatever christian bullshit he lies about to fill his own pocket solely. THERE IS NOTHING OF REPUTE from this soleless coward Roy S Moore, nor will there be and the people of Alabama and the Republican Party that call him their ally are below dispicable.

Today everyone who calls themselves a republican should be embarrassed but the people of Alabama aren't because they don't know what it means much less how to spell it!


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