These are some of my favorite songs...I put them up to mainly just to share what I like...

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Song: Down in a Hole Artist: Alice in Chains Album: Dirt
    One of the more brilliant songs about absolute rock bottom. The despair and the longing of the song come from both the elongation of the musical notes and the lyrics themselves. Listening closely reveals the point in several different ways including the use of deities...including Icarus.

This is be far my favorite song!

Song: Fall into Sleep Artist: Mudvayne Album: Lost and Found
    This is a very dreary song and continuing with the very depressing theme of the music, it is about a world with no emotion of any kind. It creates a miasma that is self compilling with the loss of any kind of emotion. Fall into sleep refers to a depression...essentially, the world is depressed...or someone's world.
Song: All that You Are Artist: Mudvayne Album: Lost and Found
    This is the best song on the album. The question to ask yourself, is it he that cannot live without her or is it her that cannot live without him. Whose life is it that the other cannot live without or is it both. Is this really the song of the ultimate love or just another depressing song on the album...? Listen very closely from beginning to end to the wording of what he is singing!
Song: The Noose Artist: A Perfect Circle Album: The 13th Step
    Maynerd James Keenan is the greatest song writer in music today. The album is about addiction. The 13th step is the eventual reoccurence of the former addiction (or maybe the eventual need to pay for the pain your addiction caused) . The noose is about how addiction slowly takes over your life. This is a very powerful song about how addiction slowly chokes the life out of you. The one being sung about has caused substantial pain over their addiction..."your halo slipping down to choke you now" refers to a double life lead...your appearence maybe saint like...
Song: Black Artist: Pearl Jam Album: Ten
    This song is simply longing over a lost loved one. The person that is being sung about has lost the one he loved deeply and wishes that he could have her back. This is a very deep song emoitionally. Black is a reference to both the feeling in his heart and to the loss of his "soul mate". This is more sexually based...this is a sexual partner that he has lost.
Song: Pictures of You Artist: The Cure Album: Disintegration
    This is from the best Cure album made. There are very few albums in existence better than this one. The song is similar to the one above. He is longing for someone that he has lost...the time in this one seems to be more aged... while in Black it is of a more recent nature.
Song: Mississippi Artist: Bob Dylan Album: Love and Theft
    Just listen to the picture that Dylan creates with this song. Imagine it as he sings it. The worst thing he did was fall in love with someone in Mississippi. Dylan is definitely one of the best Artists of all time!
Song: Sleepy House Artist: Blind Melon Album: Blind Melon
    This is just one of the most peaceful and happy songs I have ever heard. The song is simply about just sleeping in and enjoying the peace of it.
Song: Everlong Artist: Foo Fighters Album: The Colour and the Shape
    This is about the first time you have sex. Dave Grohl tries to immitate the heart palpatating excitement by the instruments. It is a very driven song. Concentrate on the instrumentation and listen to the way he sings it. It is very masterfully done!
Song: Vein Melter Artist: Herbie Hancock Album: Head Hunter
    Okay, this song is awesome...not for the reasons one might expect though. When I have a headache, I get into a comfortable chair, turn the base on my surround sound all the way up, turn the volume up to a moderate level. I sit back with my eyes closed and let this song drive away my headache. I kid you not...just try really does work...concentrate on the base of the will see! Just an aside, Herbie Hancock was apart of The Miles Davis Quintet. Two others were Miles Davis, obviously, and John Coltrane...that is 3 of the greatest Jazz is some of the best music you might hear in your life!
Song: Nutshell Artists: Alice in Chains Album: Jar of Flies
    Alice in Chains is just incredible. This Hard Rock band is just beyond belief at times. This one song typifies their music. Listen and enjoy, this is beyond belief. Read the lyrics as you are listening to it...or just sit there and lose yourself into it.
Song: Navajo Artists: Black Lips Ablum: Good, Bad not Evil
This is the song I was talking on it and it should play...