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This is also very hard for me. There are so many great albums that I have heard and not heard. There are so many great artists...and even bad artists can put out a great album...admittedly rarely but it can happen.

The reason for most of these may not be completely revealed but I will put something about each album on here. There are qualifications that I have come up with to differentiate. One is that album has to have had a major affect on me when I listen to it. It has to create a connection in one way or another between myself and the artist as good music does. The genre is not going to be specific but they are indeed like a lot of othe music going to be over various genres. The artist must have written and performed all of the usual!

These are my favorite albums:


1. Staind - Dysfunction

This should surprise no one that really knows me. I think the first thing I say to anyone ever is "Staind's Dysfunction is my favorite album."

To this day it is the only really good album that Staind has put out. Break the Cycle is pretty good but Dysfunction is everything that it isn't including deep and disturbing.

People who know me really well and listen to this album really closely would be able to tell quickly why this is my favorite need to know me to figure out why because I am not going to tell you.

So techinically the album to me is so good because of the set up of the album. Much like Mudvayne's Lost and Found it is a mix between more ballad music and hard core rock. That is the tool used by Aaron Lewis to create the chaotic environment and emotional distress. The album explores many issues both tacitly and deeply. It questions many things that really has a deep affect on my that I cannot get enough of. The guitars are used to specifically to create a mood in the song. One of the best songs in Mudshovel. In this song the guitars are used in a more "stalking" manor...not specifically it is just the best work I know to describe how they are used.

As a direct result of this one album I will at least listen to all Staind albums but much like the crap rock Creed they have really gone down hill since their debut.


2. Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

This is the quintessential Wilco album. Jeff Tweedy really gets into what makes him great in this album. There is no centralized theme to the album, it is just a great collection of songs.

Wilco is just an incredible band and this album just exemplifies their work. The album is strong metaphoric in its lyrics creating a just etherical song mix. The instrumentations absolutely varies from song to song. It is quite fun because of the non-standard instrumentations. It is fun to try to figure out what instrument they are using.

Wilco is probably the largest band that is not mainstream. They will absolutely sell out a concert as fast as anyone. Their listeners are loyal because Wilco is dedicated to the music not bragging or putting out lame music.

It took Jeff Tweedy a while to find his muse but with Wilco and Golden Smog he did this by far and this album is the pentultimate as far as I am concerned.


3. The Cure - Disintegration

This is the best Cure made and generally considered one of the best albums made. I know that Blender called Robert Smith one of the biggest wusses in rock but that is only because those at Blender are so Hard.

I tend to enjoy more dark things, not just music but plays, art and books, and this is what this album is exemplified. Disintigration tends to take a very dark look at relationships and how it feels when a very deep one just ends. This album takes a very depressive look at what it feels like and tries to explore that in the music.

The Cure went over the top on this album, while earlier they tended to be happier music, in the latter stages of their career, they switched to a darker tone in their music. Disintigration was the second in this tone but by far one of the best. I would generally say that anyone who is a really big fan of music should at least listen to this album twice. You will probably end up saying like me that it is one of the best albums made.


4. Blind Melon - Blind Melon

I just love this album. I have listened to this album more than any other that I own and have not even come close to getting sick of it. I end up getting stuck listening to one song over and over again such that I have listened to all songs the same number of times.

Shannon Hoon is definitely one of my favorite artists and this album is the intro in what turned out to be one of my favorite groups. While their music after this tended to change the tone, this album is kind of that same mix. The songs are all individual covering a variety of things with different tones from beginning to end.

Much like Wilco there is strong experimentation with alternative instruments by Blind Melon. They use a wide variety including a harmonica and steel guitars.

This album is just such an incredible collection of songs that I love it. There is not one song I would not listen to over and over again and like I said, of the amount of times I have heard this album, I have not gotten sick of it yet.


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