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This is a list of albums one might want to buy...or find in some way. These are very good albums I have listened to and with them will be a short description of the musical type and maybe why I like that album or group. At times this will not the the most up to date thing but I will do my my website in general is the most up to date thing...

Keep in mind, I have listened to a lot of music and judged these the best of what I have heard...but many are very good!

Here are my albums to check out:




Wilco is one of the best artists today. Sky Blue Sky, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost is Born are their best but really you cannot go wrong with any of them. They are the quintessential indie/alternative sound and they are the pentultimate also. On the later two listed they are very cryptic with their lyrics and their music is very melodic but on Sky Blue Sky everything changes for the better. Uncle Tupelo is the antecedent of and really shows their alt/country routes along with the early Wilco.


...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

This is another one of my favorite bands. Anything they make is very good. They would be described as a punk rock band with alternative sounds but they are a more melodic punk band. They definitely are a must listen to. Check out Source Tags and Codes, Worlds Apart and So Divided. Source Tags and Codes is one of the best I have heard but they are all good as far as I am concerned!


Bright Eyes

Wow, this is very emotionally riviting music. While Bright Eyes is definitely original and flat out odd at times, it will rivit you to you iPod. Fever and Mirrors is probably their best. Also Cassadaga, I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning and Lifted... are very good also. They really catch the oddly emotional side of indie music today. It is rather dark at times but the emotion that it catches is incredible.


Damien Rice

9 is probably one of the most emotionally taxing albums that I have ever heard. It takes one through the break up of a long relationship on ugly terms and puts one into a new relationship. It is probably the most emotionally riviting albums I have ever listened to. When you get to songs 3 and 4, it gets so damn deep it is incredible. Damien Rice cannot top this album... unfortunately...thank you Richard for playing this album when we were going to Al's to play some pool!


John Doe

John Doe has been around for a long time now. I know he has been on the music scene since the 80's and I think it goes back to the 70's. He is quite the accomplished musician. Either one of his two solo albums are really good. A Year in the Wilderness or Forever Hasn't Happened Yet are excellent choices. A Year in the Wilderness features one of the oddest love songs I have ever heard in Golden Gate. His lyrics are very honest and straighy foreward yet he takes a very odd perspective of life and living it at times. John Doe is an excellent musician to have.


The National

This is one of my favorite finds of the year. Their newest album is by far the best on they have released, in Boxer but Alligator is not bad... just not as good.

Boxer is an interesting yet depressing look at love and relationships as most music is. Some think that the first song Fake Empire is an anthematic song about the fake US thing some accuse us of but I would rather think that it is about a fake relationship. Maybe it is two people who are not in love but are pretending for the moment. It sets a very serene picnic setting while those involved are just sitting back enjoying the moment.

I am really looking forward to this concert!


The Killers

Either one of their albums are really good. Of the national names, I think The Killers are one of the better artists out there. Their second album Sams Town is a very interesting concept album somewhat similar to the writings of Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio. It takes a look at a small town from the differing perspectives of the populous of the afore mentioned small town. A great read and a great album in one paragraph!


Tragically Hip

This is a Canadian Pop band but their music is not the typical pop one would hear on the radio. They are a good pop band that plays catchy music. Their 2007 release World Container is probably my favorite release of theirs but I do not think any of their albums are bad. They are also a great concert to see if you get the chance.



The Roots

This is the best Hip-Hop group out there today. There is not one even close to The Roots. Black Thought and Quest Love are the best out there in their abilitis. If you ever get a chance to see this group, do not pass it up. They will absolutely blow you away with their ability. They are gods of the stage!

Game Theory, Things Fall Apart, Phrenology and The Tipping Point are thier best but if you really pinch me down, The Tipping Point is their best! As far as I have seen, The Roots are the only hip-hop band that actually has a band backing them up. They are beyond gods of music!


Jurassic 5

Jurassic 5 is a very good set of rappers. They have a great show if you ever get a chance to see them...they are really good.

Any of their albums are really good but the last, Feedback is not as good as either Quality Control or Power in Numbers



The Minnesota Missles are the local pride! They are one of the fast growing hip-hop bands out there. They are now really trying to grow Rhymsayers. Their earlier stuff is what I consider their best. The last several have become increasingly "poppy" which is not something I like.

Check out God Loves Ugly, Lucy Ford or Overcast! to hear some great albums with God Loves Ugly as their best!



Common was one of the better artists. The pentultimate ablum he released was the very epic Electric Circus. I think this is my favorite hip-hop album with all due respect to The Roots. Common just really got deep within himself on this album. This is an absolute must have!

His later albums are not nearly as good. He is now working with that useless Kanye West. Kanye turns everything he touches into Pop crap!





You do not get better then Tool at rock music. They are beyond epic and one day will easily be considered the best rock group of all time. Anything you can get from this band is more then worth it. Really, there is nothing better then Tool!

If you really want to nail me down, Lateralus is their best, second would be Aenima, thrid would be 10,000 Days and so on and so forth. Maynerd James Keenan definitely has something to say that is worth listening to!



Out of Boston, Godsmack is really hard rock. They are probably the best simple rock out there right now. They get on that stage and just blow you away with angry hard rock! However, as on their Other Side EP, there is more than one side to the band.

Their best albums are The Other Side, Faceless and their Self-Titled is pretty good too. IV is a big drop off from their best album, Facelss. Faceless is kind of a theme album covering a break up situation with someone and is full of the hateful retributional anger and it really drives the album to qutie a height.


A Perfect Circle

Another band with Maynerd James Keenan. This is a lot different then Tool in that they are more melodic and crypitic in their lyrics. They are definitely a power group though.

13th Step is probably their most complete album. It tells the tale of a person that goes into rehab after killing an od...and comes out and fails several times. Meanwhile the person has co-dependency issues with someone giving him drugs.

Mer de Noms has their two most powerful songs in Orestes and Three Libras. This is a collected album but it has some awesome songs on it. It is defintely worth having.

Their other albums are not quite as good but faintly worth checking out but the two listed are as good of rock albums as you will find.



Diana Krall

Diana Krall is the most quintessential sexual side of jazz in music. Her voice is so damn sexy that she brings you into the music in a frenzy. Anything jazz is automatically one of the best things made. The ones I really like the most are, The Look of Love and All for You (A tribute to Nat King Cole. To be honest, anything she does is incredible and I must say, I have an unhealthy love for her music!


Mushroom with Eddie Gale

Mushroom joined up with Eddie Gale for one of the best jazz albums I have hears since Miles Davis. The first time I listened to Joint Heppening I was completely sold on them. This is one of the non-conventional jazz albums I have heard. You cannot live until you can sit back and enjoy and mammoth masterpiece like this.


The Cinematic Orchestra

This group is a part of a really great sect of music that is popping up and gaining prominence for those that have an iq above pop. Jazz Fusion is a new sub-genre of jazz and The Cinematic Orchestra does an incredible job representing it.

There is a certain spacial aspect to this music. It grabs you and forces you into a state of visual imagination. Ma Fleur by me is their best and most current. As they have grown with the sound, they have increasingly come closer to perfecting it.


The Black Crowes

This is one of the best current Blues bands making music today. They have had a lot of staying power and have done an incredible job with their discography. From thier initial release of Shake Your Money Maker they have put out incredible album after incredible album.

The zenith of their releases to me is Amorica. The cover features an interesting picture of the femanine hook...of course everyone knows what that is... The album was written by Chris Robbins after his girlfriend of the time broke up with him, Kate Hudson. This album is him accepting the mistakes he made and apologizing for them. It is a statement of how powerful of an emotion love can be and is one of the best album, and maybe the best thematic album ever written by me! Definitely you must hear this album once.


Ray Charles

Everyone knows Ray...or at least everyone should. There is not much you can say in addition to what has been said of the guy. He broke the molds of musicians covering as many genres as anyone. He was also a very smart business man.

The Genius is one of his best albums, but you cannot discount any of his blues or gospel work. He is as talented in each genre he worked as anyone whom has ever created music in them. The Genius and Genius Loves Company are two great compilation albums to get a broad stroke of his career.


Miles Davis

From The Miles Davis Quintet featuring Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane and of course, Miles Davis to Miles Davis' solo work to the albums he has worked with other people on, Miles Davis is a god of music. There is no one that I would take over Miles over his entire discography. It is easy for me to say that he is one of my favorite artist. He "broke as many molds" and rules and whatever else you can put in here.

The pentultimate is Bitches Brew. In this album he really rewrote what music is featuring some of the most complex jazz music I have ever heard. If you do not have Bitches Brew you are really missing something. Again, this is one of the best albums ever made. Do not pass this 4 disc album up if you ever have a chance to listen to it! But then any of his albums are more then worth listening to...



Cities music is largely heard on Cities 97. It is the soft side of rock music which I believe should have its own catagory. I do not know how to describe it but by the description, you shoudl realize who it is...for men it is considiered either fuck me rock or chick music. I like some of it though...maybe for what I can do with it!

Big Head Todd and the Monsters

They are just really good. They are very fun to see live while even though they play a very bland play list, their music is very good.

Sister Sweetly and Crimes of Passion are their best but there are many singles on their discography that are worth listening to. They have a slight sense of the blues mixed with an overall light rock sound.



Bob Dylan

Any! It is Bob Dylan! In a pinch, Blood on the Tracks, Blonde on Blonde, Love and Theft or the modern adaptation of his original music, Modern Times(to a lesser extent) they all are good!


Nick Drake

Nick Drake is a quintessential artist that everyone should at least check out. He is the most interesting ~folk artist I have heard in a while. Pink Moon is a nice intro to Nick Drake. It is a must check out for those with a varied taste in music...or is known as a musichead. Nick just has that little bit and the ability to hit notes at just the right time.


Tom Waites

Tom Waites is one of the more talented yet odd artists that I have heard. His Orphans, Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards is one of the more bizarre albums I have heard but what it really does is show the broad ability of Tom Waites.

His voice is so damn unique...if you hear it once you will be able to identify his music everytime you hear it. If you hear one album of his, this is definitely the one to check out just because the of the musical ability that he shows off in this album.



The Prodigy

Prodigy is as good as you get in that mixture of rock and techo... essentially it is club music. The hardest of the hard in this area, Prodigy will rock your ass hard! All of their music is good but in a pinch, The Fat of the Land is as good as you get!