Fanfarlo Reservoir

This is one of the catchier albums I have heard in a while. On first listen I had to listen again. It is one of the more solid albums I have heard in a while...keep in mind, that is album as a whole. Fanfarlo is based in London and headed by a Swede so they are an international band.

This is not a theme albums like many others I like, more so, it is a collection of great songs from top to bottom. The music (background instrumentation) is exceptional play to say the least. One of the great instruments, and I have always said this about several though, that if you can get it into rock music and make is sound great as Fanfarlo does is the piano. They have a very talented pianist.

Sometimes I cannot just really rationalize why I like an album so much and this is one of the cases. I can put parts together but on the whole I cannot really express why I like this album so much...just give it a listen and see how it works for you!

Their lyrics and wonderfully poetic when you read through as you listen to them. Comets is one of the better songs. While it is not an anthematic song like maybe anything from Arcade Fires Neon Bible, it is a song of change and the need to change vaguely things in this world to make it better.

Song of Note: The Walls are Coming Down, I'm a Pilot, Luna, Comets



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