Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago

This is one of the more powerful albums I have ever heard and definitely one of the better albums I have ever heard. Bon Iver is Justin Vernon. This story has been repeated several times but essentially, after what turned out to be a rather emotional break-up between him and a girlfriend, he went to a cabin in Wisconsin (sucks) and spent several months composing the music that comprises this album.

It is a tremendously deep and emotional tale of his love and break-up and how it effected him. This is by far as emotionally riviting albums I have heard. The tales he tells of deep love, the break-up and the after effects just are taxing but you cannot stop listening.

For Emma is a song about him after he "reconciled" everything. While it is never an easy thing, Justin in this song is taking everything seemingly well as he feels contempt towards her in the normal ways after an emotional break-up but not hatred and is just venting all the remaining emotions where they are.

It seems that Justin more is analyzing how people react to break-ups emotionally. Blindsided is definitely the song where the break-up happens. Prior to this, the songs are describing mainly the person including Skinny Love. There are hints of what is going on in each song and they represent the same thing in different ways. While, as far as I have found, he never quit covers exactly why the break-up happened, there are hints that there is cheating involved and he definitely feels that he was "victimized" in some way...but then that is prevelant in any break-up that is very emotional.

someday my pain, someday my pain
will mark you
harness your blame, harness your blame
and walk through

It is a tremendously powerful album that really explores the depth of feelings behind a break-up.



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