Why Barak Obama Sucks now beginning...(this is just rhetoric but I will try to make it close to factually true but this guy is a joke and he is just begining his path of destruction)

Holy Shit the spending is way out of control with this guy. He announced the spending increases last year in that he would run the government with a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit. He announced that his goal would be to get the government back to deficit 0 by the end of his eight years in office as if he were deserved of 8 years in office even though he was elected to only 4. He could not have made a less impressive effort.

Now, as announced, he is looking to increase the deficit to 1.8 trillion dollars even though the public is tired of the horrendous deficits, even though the credit rating agencies are threatening to cut the U.S. debt rating, even though the stimilus are done with, reportedly, being needed. He is determined, more than the later Bush to spend everything the government will ever earn. He is giving substantial increases in budgets to every department whether they want it or not.

He is beginning to show a lack of direction for the government as he just spends whether or not it is good for the country with little effort to consider the future implications of his spending policies.

He is determined to get the healthcare bill through thus increasing governmental spending yet again. While it would be beneficial for the greater American public to have this, there are strong questions on whether the govt can afford it but he is determined to get it through. Of course, he put a notation into the bill that if it ever runs a deficit we can just get rid of it as if that would ever happen.

I am contending that he is a self-centered president in that he is only considering his "legacy" and not considering what is best for the country at this point. He seems determined to spend the country into levels of debt that cannot be afforded by the American public, levels we do not want but he is determined to force through until tax levels reach levels by other countries with subsidized healthcare of 50%. You are a real jackass Obama!

17 Dec, 2009

This guy cannot stop spending. We might akin this to a drug adict. He proposed a budget of only a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit his first year...he could not contain himself to this as the government had to borrow another 200 billion just to make it the last few months...but now he is really tightening his belt only spending 1.8 trillion the next year. So, now he is not done there you see...it is just the beginning. He decided to committ more money than that to a "green fund" for poorer countries to switch to using green technology to the tune of 100 billion dollars over the next ten years. Why would this piss someone off, this is not a part of the prior 1.8 trillion dollar governmental deficit next year...this is going to be on top of that. At the rate he is adding deficit to the country, the governmental budget, which prior had 30 percent accounting for interest on the debt, he is trying to push this more towards 100%...of course you cannot do that but he is going to do his best to make it there with no thought about the future.

He is trying to create an FDR style programs to solve the unemployment issue but what he does not realize is that you cannot solve unemployment like that. It did not work with FDR and it will not work now. As unfortunate as it is to say what got us out of The Great Depression was WWII. Obama is thowing money around money with little efficacy due to the 90% leakage of funds the government spends.

It reminds me of a funny image. When politicians are on the campaign trail they will shake your hand and give you a button. Considering that Obama's goal is to have 0 deficit after his 8 years in office, in which he said after he was elected in order to justify the bail out money...notice the disparity of what he was nearly guaranteed by being elected and what he said he was elected for...as he shakes someones hand he gives them not a button but a billion dollars. I thought that idiot GW's (8 yeaers in office) spending was out of control, Obama has already, without calculating, spent more than Bush and he has not even been in office for two years. This is beyond rediculous and the only thing he is doing is increasing the spending either directly or indirectly but either way he is taking the money away from the public for the only sake of his "legacy"...

The climate thing is such a joke, we are paying 100 billion dollars just so China will tell us how bad they are polluting the atmosphere. What the fuck are you thinking on that...what a deal, we will sell our country to China so we can find out how much they are polluting. Astounding!


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