You know, I really have not seen as greedy an organization as the RIAA before. I am a big fan of business and watch it deftly. I watch all sorts of things happen. I have read of L Denis Kozlowski treat Tyco as his personal bank account. I read of Nacchio from Qwest who purposely overstated the accounting books so he could sell his stock as high as possible and get money instead of the investors because he did such a shitty job at the company it was having a very hard time getting many...but none of them have come close to the absolute base greed of the RIAA.

Here is my biggest problem...and believe me it is one of fact every time I read something of the RIAA I hate them more. The RIAA put them in the position that they are in by bad management and not caring about the music they are putting out. They are ignoring the dollar vote of Americans because they want more money and they think, for some insane reason they are owed that money, they have the right to that money and they will let no reason or anything in anyway stand in the way of them getting their greedy little hands on that money.

Here is how it about the 1980's with the queen demon Madonna first hitting it big, the record companies realized something, they could put little money into no talents hacks that look good and may or may not be able to sing and really make huge margins on that money. They were looking for ways to make more money and using less money to cultivate that money. That is when it all started. Cd's quickly became shittier and shittier. The record companies realized that they could put two decent songs on a cd and it would sell as much as a cd that was well production costs would go down.

The scourge started! Madonna, New Kids on the Block, N Sync, Back Street Boys, Avril Livigne...and so on and so see, they are the least talented people on Earth...I have no musical talent, except for a good ear, and I have more musical talent then they do. They do not even write their own songs for gods sake. The record companies realized they could just buy songs and they put a pretty face, SOMETIMES singing they sometimes not and make even more money.

How did they make even more money off this crap...the term is called payola. Here is how it works, the big five pay the radio stations like 93x, 101.3, 94.5 and so on and so forth, beat off 96, to play certain songs and the more they play those songs the more the radio station gets paid. Clear Channel was built off this scam. Beat off 96 plays the same playlist every two hours. It is the same order the same songs every two hours. I do not need to listen to 93x to tell you what they are playing...they have been playing for the last five years. Apparently there are no new rock artists out there...I do not know how they miss them since many I am sure are begging for air time. I could go on and on. You see, no part of this is not corrupt as hell!

The dollar vote was working in radio for a is trying to work on the big five but they just sue somebody...different forms of radio started appearing...ones that competed directly with the shit over the am and fm air waves like xm and internet radio. XM can be controlled by the RIAA so they are not really bothered...the accept the payola scam for the most part and even if not, they make money anyway by subscription.

Well, with new internet technology, it became cheap and easy for people to stream things over the internet so that began to pop up. These people are the definition of grassroots in that they do not care about payola, nor do they care about subscriptions, they want to show off REAL MUSICAL TALENTS to the world and try to get the big five unseated. The big five will have none of this...originally they set fees that the stations have to pay as a percentage of profits, which I defy you to tell me why that is not racketeering, but now as they are starting to take a bite out of profits of radio stations, the big five and their pet the RIAA decided they will have none of it. They raised the cost of royalties which the ones receiving the royalties had no say in what so ever, to a point that it is going to cost the internet radio stations 150% of their profits. Yes, they are putting them out of business.

Here is the funniest part...the big five are behind this rate hike via the RIAA and their CRB (copywrite collection board) and thier lap dog SoundExchange which collects the royalties and distributes them. The stations were not playings songs from the big five for the most part though, they were playing songs from smaller labels around the country and those smaller labels were gaining market share and so the big five decided they will not lose in fair competition, let us use our lackeys to stop this.

Let us start with a cd and see what happens and you tell me if this is not very similar to an organized crime family.

A cd is made from a big label. From the initial 20 dollars it costs for a cd, the artists pay and all the production comes out of .05, a nickel. The rest of the profits go to the record companies. The cd now needs to be listened to by the public, the radio. In order for you to get played on the radio, you need to have one of the big five pay off the three radio syndicates to be heard on the radio otherwise it will not see the light of day. The interent radio stations are no longer a threat because of the lapdogs. Distribution comes out of this also...the big five own the distribution channels they need to be compensated again to get the music distributed. Now it finally reaches the consumer the the last rip happens. The record companies know that they have the US Government on their side so they set prices on their cd's monopolistically instead of competitively so the consumer pays the artifically high price of $20 instead of the competetive price of about $10-12. The big five control everyway in which the consumer might hear of something or buy something with the exception of the internet which is so vast that they cannot control it but they are trying to find ways.

Even if you were making a cd under a smaller labes, the big five still own the distribution channel and use payola to control the radio so the still get a cut whether or not they actually make a single cd or not. The only reason they even bother making a cd is because they get such large profit margins off of it the could not ever make that margin anywhere else.

They use their power similar to that of a crime The Sopranos or what have you and it is legalized by the US government. Let me state this, if you were not so corrupt and so filthy and actually tried to put out good music instead of shit like Britney Spears and Mike Jones and so very many other artists I will state emphatically that eventually the market will correct itself and the dollar vote will swing back in your favor but until you pull your heads out of your asses and see the light of day for a minute, you will continue to lose market share and new ways of pirating your music will be found and new ways of purveying small labels will be found.

The big five, the RIAA, the CRB and SoundExchange are the most corrupt organization I have ever looked into and this includes such stalwarts as Daewoo, whose board stole over 8 billion dollars one day, Enron, everyone knows part of that story, Qwest, previously stated, and Worldcom, not covered but another good story of greed. I can make a very strong rico case against them that should be looked at by the government...and if someone is ambitious enough they would sue them under the Rico statute. Right now we are to a point of absolute bastardization in the music industry. Consumers are making their dollar vote as hard and as strong as they can but the record inustry does not care because they are impervius to it. They are kept sheltered by the DMCA and they can just whine their asses off about that and the govt will listen.


A little further on the RIAA and the record industry...

The RIAA does not really recognize the fact that they are on a failing business model and instead of changing or finding a way to change, they are trying to jack everyone worse.

The essential problem is two's are over priced. This causes the market, when confronted with an alternative, to dramatically shift its purchasing behavior. This can be seen in the fact that cd sales have dropped by 10%+ for every year over the last five. This is furthering the issue of sales...the reverberations, of course are felt in the record stores which are going out of business in droves. It started with Tower and is going to continue until there are changes in the market.

Along this same vein is the shit that the companies put out. Instead of competing in quality of the music, they are trying to reap the most profit with the least input, thus raising the productivity of their capital. In essences, this is the biggest drain. No one likes the cds they buy so they dc not buy any more.

The second problem was prior stated...the payola scam is biting them in the ass because the radio stations also follow the same ploy. There is no originallity in what they play, not only that, they are only playing what makes them the most money. They are playing the same things they played for the last 10 years. You want to know what they are playing right now, just think they are playing exactly what they were playing on this day five years ago burning more and more people out of the market.