This is going to be an on going thing...I have never known of a more incompetant president than Bush. Usually I give the title of most incompetant to Hoover, who said as we were sinking into the Great Depression, "What depression?" Damn moron really was adroitly aloof.

At any rate, now Bush holds this hallowed honor and here is why...


1. His policies are neither building for the future nor are they helping the current situation in the United States. One would think that as president his goals would be oriented towards making the current situation in the United States better or making the future better. He does neither...he just screws over everyone but the rich. The only major policy that benefited someone that Bush has managed to pass is the tax roll back for those making more than $336,000 per year.

This includes Katrina relief...why?...The problem I have with rebuilding New Orleans is not that we are doing it, it is how we are doing it. Instead of actually earning the money to rebuild Katrina, we are borrowing it as we are borrowing the money to pay for the tax roll back. The guy is just a fucking should never borrow to give money back to part of the society.

Currently, as a result of Katrina rebuilding, the Iraq war and the tax roll back, the United States is borrowing at a rate of about 2.2 billion a day. Thank you W for being so conscientious of the future of the country. The IMF is currently very worried about the amount we are borrowing uselessly.

2. Bush seems to think that one can dwindle the manufacturing sector and cut back on higher education spending. While in reality this is the same problem I have in the first, Bush is still a moron. The manufacturing sector provides low level jobs for the less educated in society, but since we are losing the manufacturing sector in our country, we have less jobs for the lesser educated. Further, to screw the country a little more, he is cutting back on higher education spending...more so he is cutting back on how much is guaranteed for loans to college students.

The reason that manufacturing jobs are important is two fold. The first is it lowers the GINI coefficient making it more realistic to the lower incomes to get ahead. Second, they provide bridging for periods where someone is between jobs. Currently there is as much structural unemployment as I ever remember... not that it is a long time.

3. Bush, on his own, seems to be causing WWIII. Bush, through his deft international relation skills seems to have aligned more than half of the countries in the world against the United States. It seems they have formed an alliance against the United States as a result of that fucking idiot Bush. I am not kidding, look it up on google. Bush's foreign policy has caused countries to align against the United States and actually has caused other countries to vote out good leaders for more malignant ones...Mexico and Venezuala are good examples.

Further on this point, democracy seems to be getting drilled as a result of GW. Many countries are trading alignment as a result of the Bush administrations usage of "force" to try and cram democracy down the throughts of other countries...of course this has been policy for a while but GW seems to have taken it to the extreme.

Bush is indeed a fucking moron and deserves all of the hell he gets. He reacts emotionally instead of logically and is led blindly by those emotions. He was led into the Iraq War as a result of the emotions of 9/11. Instead of logically looking into the data, he reacted off of the security exploits by extremists that were going to complete their task whether or not it happened this time or not. The intelligence community followed the lead of Bush and instead of looking at the data with a keen and even mind, they went in looking for wmd's and so they found wmd's. Bush allowed himself to follow them completely which has lead us into a war with seemingly no end and in a situation where the extremists that complain non-stop about our aggressiveness are shown to be right. We are losing a PR battle with terrorists as a result of the idiocy.

One could draw this out and realize that maybe the terrorists baited us the entire way into this stupid war...but that is highly unlikely. We are in a terrible international relations situation as a result of the doctrines of foreign aide and the unwillingness of the government to admit to its wrong doing. Bush should have admitted that he was wrong to invade Iraq and the data he followed was skewed by the actions on 9/11 but said to the nation that we must finsih what we started or the consequences of not will lead to a worse situation then before...which is the truth of the situation.

I do not want it to sound like I am just bashing GW for the hell of reality I do not like republican policy overall but that is not to say that I hate GW just because he is a R...indeed I tend to carry respect for anyone that holds the office of presidency...he on the other hand tends to be a complete moron. I do not care if he is indeed one of the smarter men, which most people who meet him in a private setting will tell you, his overall policy is a complete joke...he has not balanced his policy in any way...