Since I can never say no to a friend and I contiually have people ask me to "help" them...they really mean, can you do this for me...I decided to write some simple how to files covering many of the main topics that I am asked.

The reason for many of these how to's is so that I do not have to spend as much of my time "helping" can now just help yourself. Not only that but you learn something also about something you probably should know more about. Or, more terse, I am sick of doing the same things over and over again especially after I tell someone what not to do and they continually do it over and over again. Help yourself!

BUT, I never mind helping someone so if you still have questions, do not be afraid to ask.



P.S. I seem to have deleted quite a few. I will put them up as I write them again or find them. Also, if you have any requests, feel free to visit the requests section...or if I have not gotten it up yet, you can email me from the contact section.