I went to see Anton Checkov's Uncle Vanya and it was interesting in that it was truly a chaotic dipiction of a mid-life crisis in Uncle Vanya. The chaos in Vanya was exaxterbated by the ranging of the characters surrounding himself. Each was nearly a complete opposite of the chaos that was being presented in Vanya.

It was a pretty good play in that it was fairly entertaining. The acting was not the best and again I was tired making it harder to watch the play. The acting was not nearly as good as I usually like it to be and the Theater in the Round is, at times, a little less aggressive in presenting the full breadth of audio/visual to make the play further impactful...but it is a very good play.

Russian tends to be more wordy and very overly descriptive using various alliterations to nature. This tends to annoy me about Russian literature/plays but in this case it was not that bad.

The end of the play was very dramatic but the actress did not really catch the full impactfulness of the play. Not to mention the audience so damn annoyed me that I cannot even state it into words short of swearing my fingers off. One particualar lady, whom I cannot really get too pissed of, was blind and she did not really want to be at the play so she kept on checking the time on her audible digital time device every about 15 minutes during the second half of the play. Not to mention she kept on talking LOUDLY to her husband about the play and the audience was laughing at clearly non-comedic parts in the play. This was a truly non-play sophisticated audience.

I will never understand how you laugh at a character saying he was going to kill himself! Maybe it is just Minnesota audiences that thinks everything is just a comedy.