They are an outrageous hip-hop band, but damn do I like them. The reason this concert did not get better marks was it was kind of disorganized within itself. It was not the most well planned or well played thing. While I do like some DJ's, there is something different when it is coming from a computer. The music sounds so much better when it is live from instruments...I think that is why The Roots are so much better.

Digital Underground did not really play much of their more outrageous music but it was still a pretty good concert...just not one of the better concerts I have ever seen. They put on a decent energy concert...they had fun on the stage...maybe it is that they did not play anything from Future Rythym or something, but whatever it just did not hit me as great.

A side note, I did quit drinking for a while so that might definitely had something to do with it...I have been a little on edge this week...maybe...and I was constantly getting run into by odd fact I did not even enjoy the odd people there any digression is over.