I saw The Roots tonight and it was the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life. If I die tonight or tomorrow the only thing that might bother me is the fact that I might miss something like what I just saw.

I love the boys...the band in The Roots but I must say that Black Thought is just simply bad ass. What he does when he is on stage is unbelievable I cannot put into words what I just saw tonight...the encore lasted for over as hour...for gods sake, the encore lasted for over an hour!

They started the show by putting on a marching band around the crowd...what the hell else can you say. James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Led Zepplin were all played tonight with such mastery....you could only sit back and enjoy it. Fucking New Orleans jazz at times...you just cannot believe what The Roots are...the encore lasted for an hour!

If you have not been...you really should!

The entered with a New Orleans Jazz dead mans march and they left with a New Orleans jazz outburst.

Now that I have had time to really take in what I saw, there is still no way to really put it into words how great of a show that was. Black Thought is just a god on the mic. QuestLove is a god on the drums...he is the best drummer at work today. All of them are so deceptively good because they are such outstanding musicians that you lose how individually good each one really is.

The last song they actually played was not even a contrived song...it was completely free styling...it was free styling that lasted 45 minutes...(well, it was at least 30 minutes because each of the 8 members had about a five minute solo in it). That was the greatest song I have ever heard played! It is unbelievable!

It was such a great concert because they just would not quit. Black Thought was so absolutely on that night he just blew me away! It seemed he was just toying with everyone for the better part of the concert and then he just went off during the massive encore. They played for what seemed like two hours...and I am very certain that it was two hours they played for. They gave people two breaks during the show just so people could compose themselves during the concert...of course the two breaks were incredible solos!

I can tell you what I was doing every time I first heard The Roots albums...that is how good I thought their album work was...today they hold nearly no meaning because the concert itself was so much better then their album work. Believe me, I still love their album work but it is not the same as it is now.

The Roots are the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. If you have never seen them, you really must do this. This band understands what music is and as for their abilities, they are incredible. They understand the album is to draw you in but the live concert is what makes the memories!