I was so irritated by the sound in the Cabooze. The sound man absolutely sucked ass. When I was listening, the bass guitar was over-powering all else including the lyrics. It made it very hard to get into the music specifically because when you go to see John Popper, you go to see a excellent harmonica player and a great voice.

The Cabooze is ordinarily a great place to see a band but the sound guy really sucks! It is a cool bar on the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis that is just great.

The people that were there were also very mixed. It was the old, the young, the sexual and the dead. That night The John Popper Project drew a very mixed crowd. There was one hottie in particular...grrrr!

The John Popper Project is a compilation of a bass guitar, harmonica, drums and DJ Quick. It is very interesting and the music sounds so good for not having a lead guitar. It would have been one of the better concerts I have seen had the sound guy not sucked so bad!