Well, the first act was interesting because the were the simple in your face hard rock band. It was Torche...they are from Miami...

Their lyrics were nearly retarded. They really had no feeling behind their music at all. The cool thing about this band though was the way they played their music. They hit a hard note continuously in sync. It created this nice pulsation in room that was really kind of cool, even though it was a little basic. They had a fairly unique sound and did a good job.

Mogwai was incredible. They are one of few bands that I will say are far better in concert than they are on album. It is not even relatively close between the two. Their concerts are just unbelievable. When they play a ten minute song with all FOUR guitars playing the same notes in absolute sycronicity, you cannot believe it.

Mogwai played a 2 hour set of music and of all the songs they sang, only 2 had any lyrics at all. It is just unreal to hear something like they did. They are a guitar driven band that has a "depressing" undertone to their melodies. Their guitars are so domineering that you do not even notice the ansillary instruments that they are playing. They can just take your attention and hold it for the entire set of music.

They create such a effortless flow with what they are doing. At one point, one of them was playing the piano, a mouth lyre and singing in between. You cannot believe it as you are seeing it.

Mogwai is just an incredibly synced musical joy. They are more than worth seeing. I was so happy that I went to this even though I was not that hyped about it because their albums just are not nearly as good as the way they sound in concert.