Luce's Block Party was a lot of fun. It is held at their Uptown loacation in Minneapolis. Whenever I go into uptown it is quite an odd little time. The divergence of personalities and people always makes it very interesting to go there.

Like Hell was probably the most entertaining of the bands. Their music was very good but also it was the mannerisms of the band itself. In a way the were very Primus like in their musical stylings which made it very entertaining to see them. The lead singer had the mannerisms of Bobcat Gothwaite which made it very fun to see him sing. One of their songs was rather good, Mom, I am sorry I am fucked up. It is not your fault, you did the best you can guess what it was about.

Little Man was also good. He is more of a simple pop rock artist but he is only about 5' tall, or less. They are good though. For simple pop rock, you are not only supporting a local band by seeing him but you are also seeing a decent show.

The Alarmists were probably the most accomplished of the bunch that were performing at the block party. They did af full set and the have a very full sound. They must have been performing for a long time so far. They are definitely a must see if you get a chance. They are your basic pop rock but they play a variety of instruments and have multi-talented instrumentalists in their band.

Around 8 pm it started to rain and since I was in Uptown on my bike, I decided to leave. Everyone really should enjoy something like the Luce's Block Party just to get a feel of Uptown itself...what an odd area of Minneapolis!