Outdoor musical festivals and various other concerts is a staple idea that has long been around and is always a great idea. Since I am such a huge music fan, I am always trying to watch out for things like this...when I find one that sounds like a very unique idea, I am all about it.

One day I was sifting through the various concerts that are going done in the area trying to find good ones to see. I came across a great idea...God Johnson a local band was going to play at Minnehaha Falls in St. Paul. I was very excited about this. What a great location to see a jam band and hear them go off.

I got on my bike to ride down there. It is about a 20-30 minute ride to Minnehaha Falls. So I went down there to find out that God Johnson decided not to show up...not only that, they had a cheap Janis Joplin rip-off.

As a music fan, when something like this happens, it tends to really turn me off to the particualar band. I have not had the occassion to see God Johnson yet but I will really be hesitent to see them in the future as a result of this. It is not enough that they just do not show up but then they leave everyone with a half-assed artist backing. Not only that but they do not even give a good reason for not showing so it leaves one to think that they just did not want to show or something like that...it is a very bad practice to do this...take a point from Stabbing Westward and show up for your concerts, or at least give a good reason why you are not going to show up for your concert.