You will never see as good of artists as you will see with Acid Mothers and whomever they are playing with. The lead guitarist, whose name I do not know is enough on his own just to make you really enjoy the music that he is playing.

With a concert it is not about who is playing anymore...instead it is about the abilities of who is playing the music. It is a different environment once a really good band takes the stage and just shows off their abilities. When you see someone just blow up and down the neck of a guitar like it was anything and they make coherent and strong music, it just blows you away.

I have seen a lot of concerts...that is not much for me to see but when you can say that you have seen the best you have ever seen at one aspect of the beauty of are really saying a lot...and the lead guitarist for whomever he is playing is the best guitarist I have ever seen!

There is nothing else I can really say about what I have just seen...the guitarist was one of the best I have ever seen but...the overall concert, while one of the better I have seen...they just do not have enough music overall to make one of the better concerts I have ever seen. It was phenominal but a year or two it will be so much better.

So in conclusion...Acid Mothers Guru Guru or Acid Mothers Temple or Guru Guru or is really good!