Russian Circles

They were very good. Russian Circles are a hard metal band but they do not quite fit the rest. They are not all doom and gloom. They were co-headliners with Dalek and they were nearly as good. They were talented musicians and they rocked the stage. They were a very good band and I would go and see them again. They were quite hypnotic in their rythms and held the mantle well for their antecedents. With elongated metal solos and driving bass, they were not quite your typical hard metal band...


Young Widow

They came out very unassuming...just mulling around...they blew me away. I am definitely going to see them again the next time they are in town. They hold the core genre...similar to Linkin Park, but more hard, and Rage Against the Machine, but I not as whinny and politically misguided. They had some definite depth to their lyrics and as far as I can recall did not resound how great they were compared to everyone excellent band if to see if they are in your neighborhood.



An absolute must see! Their absolute hypnotic rythms definitely hold what they claim...a mix of Tool and Mogwai. Beyond belief how good they were...the only thing that I can say is they did not give us an encore...even though they should have.

This is an absolute must see! They are beyond talented musicians...they have one of the best drummers I have ever seen. The lead guitarist is top ten and the music is just incredible. If they are in your town, you must see them for any price...they are awesome!


This was one of the best concerts I have seen this year from beginning to end. I cannot imagine too many concerts being better than this card this year. WOW!


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