When you see a concert like this, it reminds you how good life can be. I was at The National the night before in the exact same place. The audience was into the music and cheered and we got an encore...the place was completely sold out...there were about 3-4 hundred people there. Cinematic Orchestra had about 100 people there and the audience was louder when we cheered! This new jazz fusion movement is going to be so much fun if about 10 more bands can come out. When you see it live you cannot explain it at all. The ride a good band takes you on is like nothing else in the world...it is way to hard to explain and my lack of creativity does not help matters at all.

The Roots were the best concert I have ever seen and Mogwai was the second best. For all the hundreds of concerts I have seen...maybe even thousands of concerts I have seen, this is clearly number three "with a bullet". No, I am sorry for saying that...that was clearly the second best concert I have ever seen! Sorry Mogwai...it was unbelievable.

The band knows when it is perfect too...you can just see it on their smug faces that they know they are just beyond belief. I cannot write right now...later