I went to see Cloud Cult, Redstart and All Stars of Track and Field. The only great thing about the show was Charlie Parr opening up for all of them. Charlie Parr is a southern bluegrass singer that does an incredible job at music. He reaches such a downhome flavor that it settles anyone down listening to him. He was on stage with just a washboard and a guitar. He is incredible taming and elegant.

The hard thing for many people to grasp about Bluegrass is the subtle differences in it from one to another...unlike pop where there is no difference. He sat down there in his downhome way and just played like most wish they could...like the rest of the bands at the concert wished they could.

There is just no value to pop music to me. At least mainstream pop music. The thing that pissed me off the most about Cloud Cult is that they have such unique instrumentation but they do not make use of any of it. Why?! They had a cello, violin and a ?open end bass drum...but they let those sit in the background of there purely simplistic guitar riffs and weak pop lyrics. If they played more than five notes on the guitars I would be very suprised. How weak the concert was indeed.

Topping that off, I was in a bad mood also. I had been up late all week and was very busy all week...for that matter, I had been very busy for the last several weeks. I think over the past four weeks, I have only been home for about six days...damn, I was tired and soar and just wanted to go to bed.