God I hate Christian music...so thank god I was too lazy to get up and go out in time to see the christian rockers!

It was not a great concert tonight but it was pretty good. One for the Team and Mouthfull of Bees were pretty good though. Their sound was very full but their lyrics really sucked. Overall, they were really good musicians but damn...they had no depth to their lyrics at all.

The thing that really sets good musicians apart from everyone else is the depth in their lyrics. The strife they have faced that comes through in their lyrics really just can blow an audience away. The concert I saw tonight was an exemplification of this...their sound was very accomplished but their lyrics were so damn lame that you had to ignor them.

It really hurt when they were convesing because even that was lame. Usually I give anyone at 7th Street Entry at least a 2 and these bands just eeked that out but it really pays to see someone like this so you know what a great concert is like. Like I said though, their musica ability was pretty good but their lyrics just sucked!