I finally got to go see Moliere's The Miser. It was a good play. It was kind of like A Christmas Carol in that it was a tale about a scrooged man who valued money over all else and when confronted with the choice between money and love, he chose money. In this tale there really was not a happy ending...at least for the main character Harpagon. It was suggested that he died...well, actually he did die, the suggestion was that the entire play was a final death dream.

The play was extraordinary being that the Jeune Lune acted it out. In the play itself there may have been flays, but the Jeune Lune company did their usual excellent job. The play was a comedy/tragedy making it a little difficult but again, they did an excellent job. Steven Epp did an excellent ad-lib in one of the acts that really brought the audience into the play. Actually he ad-libbed several times to make the audience culpable to the plight of Harpagon...really he is an excellent actor.

In all, I enjoyed the play. It is never bad to see a play at the Jeune Lune because of the experimental plays they put on, some are not as good as others, but they always do an excellent job with them. I will write more later...

Sorry, was a little out of it...it was overall a very intersting play. The play was basically the a tragedy in the view of harpagon in that he chose money over his family with a comedic overlay entwined in by various other characters. I thought it was definitely worth seeing if you get a chance...there were problems but it was with the author of the play...see if you can pick them out if you get a chance.