The Violent Femmes show was awesome. They tend to be less serious about their music and in comparison to Mogwai, it is much more of a sophmoric collegiate atmosphere. They have sing-a-longs and do aloof extended solo's.

This show of theirs was their 25th anniversary so it was special to them. First Ave actually ran out of tickets so they continued to pack people in. I would estimate between 500-1000 people were packed into first ave for the show. With everyone jumping around and shouting, it created an electric atmosphere. You could not really do anything but join in. It was so hot in there from the people that I was sweating just standing there and I am in pretty good shape.

If you have not seen the Violent Femmes, it is a show more than worth checking out. Their music is fun and the shows are better. If you happen to catch one on campus, this is the only show that would be better than First Ave.