Let me see, it was The Fog and Magnolia Electric Company. It was quite the little concert specifically because it was in the 7th Street Entry. The Entry is the most quaint environment I have ever been in. It is really quite personal seeing a band in there. This is definitely a must see for anyone in the Twin Cities area.

The Fog used frequent juxtapositions in their lyrics and posit frequent alternate realities much like maybe Death Cab for Cutie...when they were worth a shit. They really tried too hard with their solos though. It is not that they were bad but more so it was just a little contrived. They still put on a good show and at times got the audience involved in the music.

Magnolia Electric Company was very similar to the musical stylings of Gear Daddies in that their music is more like midwestern folk rock maybe. Their lyrics are very reality based and plain. One does not need to try to infer anything from them...they simply put it all out there like many good musicians. Sound wise they are exactly like the Gear Daddies in that it is simple guitars and drums and little other imagination.

I would never say that this was the greatest music that I have ever heard but I would also never say that it is the worst. It was an above average and the atmosphere of the Entry made it all the better. I would definitely see Magnolia again.

Oddly enough, I could have swore I saw someone there that I knew...I am certain that I saw someone there that I know.