Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe was an unbelievable play. With Patrick Steward and Mercedes Ruhle acting, it was beyond great. This was definitely one of the best plays I have seen.

The play itself looks at how much emotional abuse one can take and sets the lead, Patrick Stewart, in a subserviant role to the wife, Mercedes Ruhle. The wife is constantly putting the husband down and beating him up emotionally until the end of the play in what I consider the most prominate emotional outburst I have ever seen.

I saw this play on the last night and Mercedes Ruhle was still able to draw out tears at the end of the play.

A very unique characteristic of this play was how the disfuntion of the husband and wife led to the a circular destruction of relationships around them. The other relationships in the play were all foul as a result of the main relationship in the play.

This play was an absolute masterpiece and I think everyone should take it in at least once. The actors in this play made it absolutely spectacular.