The Real Thing was a very good play in its content. The delivery was questionable though. It was done with strong British humor and very arcane references for comedy. This can be very hard to take. Of the total number E jokes and references in the play, I only understood E/2 where the person I was with maybe understood 2 total.

Like I said though, the content was very good. The write took a look at the differneces in love as one grows. It juxtaposed love when you are young, in your 20's, in your 30's and after you have strongly emotionally invested in the partner you are with. It is a brilliant concept because circumstances do change and thus love does change with time and investment.

One of thing I can use to point this out is, when the main couple was young, the meet...if someone had cheated on the other at that point it is easy to break things off. After about 30 years of love and emotional investment in the other person, what if a person cheats at that point...would it be as easy to leave. Strong headed persons would say yes...but you are kidding yourself!

This was very much a though provoking play. It forced you to recognize that life is very different at periods in your life and a proper relationship should take this into account. YES AGE DOES MEAN VERY LITTLE...the frequent term that I use is actualization...a CJ Yung term.

The play was very hard to take because of the presentation but it is an excellent play.