Someone who did not know asked me if The Great Gatsby was a comedy, I cannot specifically remember what I said but it was something like I tend to like plays that are more dark or depressive and ride on the darker emotional side.

The Great Gatsby is definitely not a comedy. The play considers love and promises and what in that you are interested in. I must say, I read the book at least 10 years ago at this point and hated it. I thought it was one of the worst books I have ever read but I think I am going to reread it.

The question you should ask yourself is "what would you do for love and how far would you go?" This is a centralized theme through out the main characters of the play. The question is also the main one of the play.

When seeing this play you will think of Jay Gatsby completely different from the beginning of the play to the end and you will probably go in a 360 in that. F. Scott Fitzgerald probably mimicked some aspects of his "love affair" with Zelda in this book as he did in much of his work. While the question is a simple one, the way the book develops it is incredible. The circuitous nature of this play is remarkable. The end ties up very neatly and might really suprise you.

It is definitely not a happy ending. The play exactly illustrates why I do not lie. The play illustrates this point by destroying characters and manipulating your feelings for the characters. The play also examines destructive relationships and how they effect others surrounding them.

It was a very good play, but then I have never seen a bad play at the Guthrie. There is probably a reason that it is nationally acclaimed. The building is so incredible. The views they built in, the overall layout of it and the atmosphere created are just inspired. I thought "the bridge to eternity" or whatever they call that was lame...until I was inside it looking out...I then realized how incredible of an idea it was. Just seeing the building was worth the price I payed for the ticket.

By the way, they raised the price of rush tickets to $15 but it is still worth it to pay that for a ticket.