I just saw Mammatus and Acid Mother Temple. This was one of the best show I have seen. Psychedelica rock has never lost its place in the rock venue but when you see a really good band that puts out psychedelica rock...life is as good as it gets.

Mammatus is a more metal hard core rock band with psychedilic tones in that they hold the notes instead of just repeatedly beating them into you, but they do much more than that. They do one of the better jobs of a metal rock band that I have seen in that they feel the music and they just go with it and let it take you where they want to take you.

On the same vein, Acid Mother Temple does the same thing. They will absolutely just blow you away with the music they play. The term "tripping balls" is one thing that I often hear but have never and will never do but damn, if tripping balls leads you to Acid Mother Temple you should just go with it. They will absolutely blow you away with the music they play. The lead guitarist is as good as you get in music today, up there with Slash and anyone else you can imagine.

Acid Mother Temple is as good as you can get for rock music. They will absolutely blow you away with the tone and the feeling with which they will bring their music to you. The Japenese band will just blow you away if you have any depth to your musical preference at all...they are up there with Mogwai in concert!