Fanfarlo is such a disarming band. I have been a little moody lately as I am going through my periodic sleeping disorder but they completely just allayed my moods and calmed me to a point of satiation. Their music is so melodic that it just has that ability to calm ones mood. Say, music calms the most savage beast in this case.

It is very impressive that they are multi-instrumentalists. The drummer and the bassist were not but the other three were switching between the piano, a ukalali, xylaphone, violin, viola, guitar, trumpet and so on...

I think the biggest issue why I was not in a better mood for this was probably because I did take a nap before the show but that is because I have been having my bouts with insomnia lately. I am working stridently to improve the situation but we will see how this all works out...but enough about me.

This could have been a lot better of a concert but it was at the Cedar Cultural Center and that place really sucks. For some bands though, I will go to see them anywhere and they are one of those bands or at least they released one of those cd's that is just great. The worst thing about the Cedar is the sound. It is so under powered that you really cannot get the full effect of the music. Then there is the granola crowd that can get just irratating after a while... but they probably find me irratating also...oh is still fun.



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