As you may have noticed, earlier in the night I was at Black Rebel and it just kind of worked out that Pert Near Sandstone was playing later at Cabooze. I was in a very bad mood so I again missed all of the opening acts but Pert was unbelievable like always.

I did not see the marienette like they used last time but they did utilize the tap dancer and the percussion pump which is always cool. I though Pert would put me in a better mood but it did not so I left after the concert, went home and just listened to music for a few hours.

Any time you can see a bluegrass band, it is worth while. Pert does something unique everytime they play. This time they had a tap dancer going off on a small portable wood floor with a purcussion bag underneath it. I have also seen them use a piece of wood and a dancing manequine bouncing off it making wonderful music. As always, the rest of the music is excellent and they just really flow well together.

It ended up being a better night because I had not spent time with Sigur Rus in a while but did this night...



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