St. Paul Slim was not really worth seeing with the exception of his DJ. The DJ, DJ Snuggles did some beat boxing which was pretty cool. However Slim tended only to speak of how much better he was than everyone else and that is just dumb at this point.

Muja Messiah was up next and he was more imaginative with his lyrics and that was much appreciated but he did not have the feeling behind what he was saying so it really did not go that far. He was not bad but like I said, it could just have been better had he felt what he was spewing.

GZA was quite a bit different. He is who he is. He has all the talent in the world to express anything he wants in anyway he can. Realistically you could have taken a microphone stand, painted it black, put a blue shirt and blue jeans on it and if you could have got it to rap, you would have had GZA on that night. That was a little weird that he lacked all animation but it was very good. I am more than glad to say that I saw him but I believe it could have been better and that leaves me a little dry on it but it was still good.



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