Mike Daughty is just a fun, simple artist playing pop rock. He was formerly with Soul Coughing. I went to see him at the Dakota Jazz Club last night and it was spectacular. The Dakota is an very romantic place to see music and a great place to eat. It gets a little expensive to drink at but it is quite a bit of fun. They always have some kind of jazz, blues or something along those lines there that creates a great environment.

Mike's set was all acoustic with just a cello and his guitar. I love acoustic sets because it presents the music in such a plain form that only good music can stand up. To further that point a little, you could not do an acoustic set of Lady GaGa becuase her music sucks and is all production.

He played many of the hits that made him the semi-famous star that he is. If you just enjoy the simplicity of music that is very accessible then you would definitely enjoy listening to him. He does not have the complex and extensive undertones of a lot of the music, such as an Alice in Chains, Nirvana or early Radiohead, but is just fun. He sees soemthing interesting, impressive or feels something and he writes of it but he keeps simple without complex metaphors, analogies or similes.

His set ended with a version of Unsingable Name that was quite interesting to say the least. I did not really want it to end...it was an elongated version of the song that played so well, WOW! He also did great version of Tremendous Brunettes and Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well.

As sort of a fun side, while not a comedian, he had a question jar where people from the audience could go up and put any question in the jar and he would pull them out at random and answer the questions. As I said, he is not a comedian but it was pretty funny at times.

It was a good show in a great environment and with the audience, it all worked well together.



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